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Jun 05 2011

Almost There (both in space and time)

So I am sitting in a hotel room in Nashville, TN about to get back on the road and head to Leland, MS. Yesterday morning, my friend/travel companion hopped in the car and started driving. I noticed that it got hotter and hotter as we drove South and West until it hit about 97 degrees at 5:00 in the afternoon. High of 100 for the next few days in Mississippi. That is one of the many things I am certainly not prepared for right now. Leaving Charlottesville and not knowing when I would be back brought on a lot of emotions. I have never lived anywhere else, let alone moved to a state where I have never even set foot before to do a job that I have no experience doing. I am excited, but it is a little bit more mixed than I was expecting when I originally decided to do TFA.

The really good part of this all is that I do had a job. A little over a week ago I interviewed to teach math in El Dorado (pronounced to rhyme with tornado), Arkansas. A few days after that, they called to offer me an unspecific math position in either the middle school or the high school. This is almost my ideal placement. The only real less than desirable traits being that El Dorado happens to be very far from where the majority of corps members are placed and very difficult to get to unless you are prepared to make a long drive. The closes “major” airport is Memphis, and that is about four hours away. So I am thinking I might not get a lot of visitors this year. Other than that, the district seems amazing. I really liked the principals and the head of math when I interviewed, and it seems like they are doing a lot of cool things right now to help their students. It is also just really nice to have a job before I even get to Mississippi for training. One fewer thing to worry about.

When I get to Leland tonight, I will be staying with a current corps member who also went to UVa. Networking really can be nice in situations like this. I am excited to meet the current corps members who are in town, and I think some incoming corps members are already there too. I am also extremely intimidated by the task of making all new friends, even though everyone I have talked to who has done TFA says that one of the best parts is the connection you have with all the other corps members. I am not the warmest or most enthusiastic when I meet new people, so I am really just hoping there are a number of people who appreciate sarcasm. Guess I’ll see soon enough!

I promise that these blog posts will get more interesting as training and school gets going, so stick with me! If all else fails I will start making up some wild stories just so I can keep my readers interest for a while.

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  1. shanny

    safe drivin’ mir!

  2. GUESS

    Mish youuu

  3. Elizabeth

    I will visit you :) don’t worry!

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