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Aug 25 2013

On being a traitor

According to TFA’s statistics, I am one of the whatever percentage of TFA alums still in the classroom. Yes, I have stayed in the classroom. I am just about to start my second week of teaching 6th grade writing. But I am not in my placement school, my placement community, or even my placement state. About a month and a half ago, I moved to Oklahoma City to work at a private school.
Yes, I, a TFA alum, am teaching at a private school. I did not even apply to any public schools. I was very on the fence about staying in the classroom. In fact, I had pretty much decided not to stay in the classroom unless the perfect job presented itself. And the perfect job presented itself, thanks in large part to the efforts of a few friends from college. So here I am, a TFA alum and a…

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Jan 23 2013

A lot can change in a year.

Last year at this time there were days when I was almost brought to tears during class by how mean my students were to each other or how unable I was to get any of my students to stop talking for long enough to listen to me. Today I was literally brought to tears by…

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Nov 03 2012

With Rigor For All

The title of this post comes from a book that my team teacher often mentions. I have not read it, but I feel the title applies to what I have been noticing in my classroom and feeling recently. I have really been pushing my kids this year. When I was teaching math, I did not…

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Sep 22 2012

This is why I Teach For America

Everyone knows my feelings about TFA, but some days I do feel like I am here doing at least a tiny little bit of good for a very few of my students. We were discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in class the other day as part of a Hunger Games based conversation about whether or not…

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For anyone who talks to me on a regular basis, it will come as no surprise that I have spent a large part of this year and probably way too much time grappling with TFA, its mission, my role, and pretty much everything I could. I came to the conclusion not long after entering the…

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Mar 08 2012

Today after school I was sitting in my classroom doing a little bit of work. It was the last day of the nine weeks today, so a lot of kids have been worried about what grade is going to be on their report card. Unfortunately, some of the kids who need to be worried aren’t,…

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Feb 03 2012

On wanting more…

Another blog post so soon. I know. Crazy. So one of my students asked me today why I have been in such a bad mood lately. And why I have been so mean. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to give an honest to god put it all out there answer. I…

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Sorry for the really terrible metaphor title for this post. I am no English teacher after all. I haven’t written in a really long time. If I have any faithful readers, I apologize. I have been waiting for the right mood. Not necessarily the best or worst mood, but the mood where I feel most…

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Oct 31 2011


I was warned about the month of October. I have also been planning on posting for a while now, but my mood has been so up and down since my last post that I haven’t been able to decide what to write about and what the mood of my post will be. So I decided…

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Oct 15 2011

The Tipping Point

I have had some bad days recently. Really bad ones. I had to have a girl taken out of my room because she was causing such a huge scene yelling about how she hates this school, hates the teachers, doesn’t care if she get’s written up and on and on and on. That afternoon, I…

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